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    Server Rules

    Post  WeAreMC on Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:33 am

    Here at WeAreMC, we want to make you have an enjoyable gaming experience and be able to relax.
    In order to keep everyone happy, we have certain rules and conditions so that everyone can get along, make friends and enjoy the server.

    1: No Griefing. (Griefing is causing others "grief" or "harm". This includes destroying their builds, killing other players in non-pvp areas and taking others items.
    2: No bullying or discrimination. (This includes sexism, racism and any other abuse. Rules apply to the forums as well)
    3: Show respect to all other players, regardless of rank. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
    4: Use common sense, if you dont think you should be doing something, dont do it.
    5: Have fun!
    6:(There are exceptions made for chris8224) <=======================================THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!

    If everyone follows the rules, then everyone should be happy and have a more enjoyable experience.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    Happy Posting!

    WeAreMC Admin Team

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