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    Rank Information

    Post  WeAreMC on Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:40 am

    Our server has a ranking system which gives benefits as you rank up. Not only earning respect but also commands.
    The server ranks are as follows:

    Guest (Default): can type messages but not break blocks.

    Regular: /home,/spawn,/cprivate,/cremove and can break blocks.

    Builder: (all comands as above and...)/top.

    Pro-Builder: (all commands as above and...) can fly, spawn items, teleport(themselves and others) and change time of day.

    Moderator: (all commands as above and...) can /kick, /ban, /mute, /jail, /jump and /back

    Admin: Can use all commands.

    Co-Owner and Owner: Can use all commands.

    Ranks are decided by the Admin Team and are given on the basis of:
    Build quality and effort.
    Personality and trust.
    Activity and play time.
    Overall contribution to the community.

    NOTE: To earn Moderator rank, 1 donation is expected to help with the upkeep of the server.

    For VIP Ranks, you are required to donate monthly to keep the tier you are currently on. See Donations Page for more information.

    Good Luck with ranks!

    Happy Posting!

    WeAreMC Admin Team

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