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    Promotion Request Rules


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    Promotion Request Rules

    Post  WeAreMC on Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:08 am

    Appeals and Application Rules
    Here are the rules regarding appealing bans/demotions and applying for a higher rank. When making a post, name it
    <your name's> Application, eg Dobby_Ashy's-Application

    1: Decisions/verdicts will be made by the Admin Team, however, if you have information linked directly to the appeal, we would like to hear it.

    2: All decisions are final and should be respected. Our aim is to do what is best for the community.
    3:Please keep language to a minimal and we remind you racism is not tolerated. Abusive language will lead to a possible ban in-game or on the forums.
    4:If you are not directly involved in an appeal or do not have any information relevent, DO NOT POST. doing so will lead to your posts being deleted.
    5:Please follow the templates given, as they save you time and us time.
    6: Please be respectfull to all other members.

    Application Template
    Here is the template to be used for applying for a higher rank. Please copy the template and edit the information that is relevent to you.

    Current Rank: (the rank you are on the server)
    Rank to Achieve: (the next rank above you)
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: (why you want a promotion and why you think you should get one)

    Any Useful Information: (any information that will help us come to a verdict)

    Here is the template filled out as an example for you:

    Current Rank: Builder
    Rank to Achieve: PRO-Builder
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: I think i am a valuable member of the community, and hope to continue building great projects and contributing to the server.

    Any Useful Information:....

    If you follow this template, it will not only speed things up for both you and the Admin Team, but also make it easier and clearer for us to understand, making your promotion more likely to happen.

    NOTE: Please give us up to 3 days to post a reply and up to a week to make a final decision as we cant be on all the time.
    NOTE II: We will ask you to show us your builds and contraptions on the server, so be prepared.
    NOTE III: Please respect our judgement. If we DENY your promotion, we advise you improve your builds and re-apply 1 week later. This will show us your determination.

    Applications will be either "ACCEPTED" or "DENIED", however you will receive our honest opinions how you can improve.

    Remember! We value determination and effort as well as build quality, so whether your the best builder or not, everyone is equal.

    Best of luck on your applications!

    Happy Posting!


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