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    Promotion Request - Applications


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    Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  WeAreMC on Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:34 am

    Post You Applications Here.

    An admin will then review it and ACCEPT or DENY it.

    A reply will be given in Orange which indicates your application has been acknowledged.

    Thanks for taking an interest in your server.

    WeAreMC Admin Team


    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  Guest on Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:54 am

    Mine_wit_meh's- Application

    Hey what ever one of you admins is reading(I guess Sam or Ash).
    Im applying for the rank of Mod not right now but in like week or so,im applying in advance basicly,
    I think I am right for the rank, im responsible yet can still have a joke,im smart,and I will be donating within the coming
    Please take these details into consideration.

    Mine What a Face




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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  gandolph246 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:45 pm

    Dear WeAreMC team,

    I have played this server for months and eventually reached the builder rank.
    I have also aware of all the rules and have also set up 2 towns with several
    people (nevnev9 and alexfabs). I would really like to become a builder again.
    I think that I deserve the rank as I have already achieved it.

    Yours faithfully gandolph246

    p.s: I don't sound annoying like this all the time



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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  DeathGod663 on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:00 am

    Current Rank: Regular
    Rank to Achieve: PRO-Builder
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: Because i think i will be of value as a builder/ designer for the server Cool Cool Cool Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation pig pig pig afro afro afro

    Application ACCEPTED. Congratulations!



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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  RazzanMC on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:17 am

    Dear Owner,

    Im Applying For Builder Rank Because
    I Enjoy Building But At The Moment i Have Limited
    Resources and cant Build Too much =(
    i also helped build nathans house
    so Thank You
    Even If You See This
    Yours Sincerly
    Ryan (RazzanMC)

    Application: DENIED.]
    Work on some of your own builds, no help.
    Resources need to be gathered by yourself. This server is SMP, not freebuild.
    Be patient and take your time. Show us your commitment. We do not hand ranks out easily.


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    hard2beet's application

    Post  hard2beet on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:36 am

    Current Rank: regular
    Rank to Achieve: PRO-Builder
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: i hope that I've been friendly to everyone on the server so far, and i would hope to be able to solve any problems i find on the server in future

    Any Useful Information: i have a good knowledge of redstone and im friends with obetwo1 and uksless31 and they asked me to be a set designer for their project


    Accepted (on the condition that you don't abuse your commands and build some cool shiz =])

    most definitely wiil Smile


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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  ash633 on Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:24 am

    Dear Admin
    Current Rank:reguler
    Rank to achieve :builder
    Reasons For trying to Achieve: because i want to become a pro builder soon but i am still building my castle

    Thanks for a great server
    Ash633 Very Happy

    Application: Pending

    We would like to see some of your builds. Please continue your work.

    my castle is at x -368 z 693


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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  Ryanten on Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:06 am

    i am allying for builder rank
    i built a house on top of a mountain lol
    i ahve been on this server for a bout 2 weeks
    and have mad friends with mornan and many others

    i hope this will gets approved


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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  alexfabs on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:14 pm

    currant rank: regular

    rank to achieve: builder

    reasons I deserve to be this rank: I have built a tower for tomasesino to stay in when he first came on the server. A guard barrack's for tomasesino's hotel. And i am in the process of building 'Big Ben' just outside spawn.[edit]i have buit 'Big Ben' outside of spwn
    any useful info: i have been playing on this server for 8 months now and a think i have built unuf over that time to deserve a promotion, and i have built a big ben just outside of spawn

    hope this gets excepted
    alexfabs silent



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    McLovenX's Application ;)

    Post  McLovenX on Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:32 am

    Current Rank: Pro Builder
    Rank to Achieve: Moderator
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: I am Very responsible player,who would be able to control and manage the server when Admins are not online.
    Regular online player who would be able to deal with any problems,
    getting new members to sign up and keeping everyone's playing experience fun and fair.

    Any Useful Information: Lets all be honest, I'm a Boss!! Wink <3



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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  GiftedWhitewolf on Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:39 am

    Current Rank: Regular
    Rank to Achieve:Builder
    Reasons for trying to Achieve: I am trying to achieve this rank because I am very good at creating templates and
    putting them together in minecraft.


    Sorry but your builds are not at a good enough standard to be at builder rank. But keep building and try again soon!


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    Smozey's Application

    Post  smozey on Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:22 am

    Current Rank: Regular
    Rank To Achieve: Builder
    Reasons: I am a good builder and have got ranks this way on other servers. I have made friends with lots of people on the server, (I think...) and I would really enjoy to help out with the server a lot more.
    Extra Info: I have built a house in the desert near spawn which you could look at if you wish and I am currently creating a town in the same desert. I am also going to keep improving the town until it is just ace, so please keep having a good look.
    Town Co-Ordinates:

    X= -494.4576786222945
    Y= 67.62000000476837
    Z= 1876012151054640450

    Or at: /warp smozeytown



    We are not a Builder Server

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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

    Post  primeaustin on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:22 am

    Current rank: Regular
    Rank to achive: Builder
    I have been on this server for about a month now, by the way it is awesome, and i would like to be promoted. Me and tomasesino built a huge castle which i think is pretty impresive and i will be playing alot more. I would like to be this rank so i can go and build more bigger and better houses and structures for the community to see and enjoy. Thank you guys for making this awesome server.

    We are Not a Builder Server

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    Re: Promotion Request - Applications

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