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    Donations Information

    Post  WeAreMC on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:25 am

    For all information on donations, please read the following:

    1: Donations are not refundable.
    2: Donations are not subscription based and are payed in one off payments that suit you.
    3: Donations are monthly and any privaleges last for 1 month, (with exceptions).
    4: All donations go towards keeping the server online. Any extra donations will be carried over to the following month or will be used to upgrade the server.

    VIP Tiers
    VIP Tiers are a way to thank you for your donations. Not only will you help with the upkeep of the server, you will also be more likely to be considered for the Moderator rank. Not only that, you will also gain some commands such as compass, Teleport to other and jumping. You will also be entitled to a set of Diamond Tools and armour.
    NOTE: VIP Rewards are based on Donation amount. Please see below!

    VIP Tiers

    VIP-T1: Diamond tool set(permanent), teleport to players, A free house (permanent), a compass (which teleports you to where you click) and 5 golden apples.

    VIP-T2: Customised coloured name (to your design), Diamond tool set+armour, Teleport to players, free house (permanent), Can fly, a Compass (which teleports you to where you click) and 10 golden apples.

    VIP-T3: Customised coloured name (of your design) Diamond tool +armour set (permanent), 25 diamonds (permanent), Teleport to players and Teleport players to you, A free house (permanent), Can fly, compass (which lets you teleport where you click), 15 golden apples.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please see our "Questions and Suggestions" thread.

    NOTE: Any abuse of commands will result in the loss of VIP rank and status, no matter the size of donation.

    Thank you for your donations!

    WeAreMc Team

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