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    Ruby In The Rough Fort - McLovenX


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    Ruby In The Rough Fort - McLovenX

    Post  McLovenX on Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:36 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    Just thought I would be the first to post some of the screenshot's of my very first build on the server. 'Ruby In The Rough' Fort Is located In the barren dessert land, hence the name; which suggests that the Fort is the 'Ruby' In the Rough dessert that surrounds It. It is very close to a NPC Village and you can get good views on both the Village and the Server Spawn from the top of the Fort. The build took around 6 days to build however I was only playing around 3/4 hours on these days and a lot of my time was spend ether getting the materials together, or mining iron and gold to sell to the admin shop to buy the materials that I could not get my self e.g; Glowstone ect.

    (Also let me just point out to new players on the server, the Admin Ship is a VERY good place to get building materials you can not craft or find your self. Spending a bit of time mining some Iron/Gold and Diamond, if you are able to spare them will give you plenty of money to buy the materials you need!)

    If you want to check out the Fort for your self the please feel free.
    The Fort is located at:
    X = 20
    Y = 64
    Z = 1476

    Anyway here are some Screenshot's of the Final Project:

    (View from the door way as you first come in: The main stair way)

    (Top of the Fort. Where the 'Ruby' Tree is planted)

    Thank you!

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